Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a website?

Today, the internet presents the cheapest form of marketing. Unlike a printed brochure, websites reach to a local, regional and global audiences. A website has permanence, which is clearly unavailable with a printed brochure. Also, a website can be added to or amended as required. Nowadays, if someone is looking for something, be it a service or product, the internet is probably the first place they look. Therefore, if you do not have a website, you may be missing out on potential custom and profit.

Can I build my own website?

Yes. There are some 'Build Your Own Websites' on the internet. However, art4arts8 started out that way and found that these free website toolkits do not have the utility, features or, more importantly, a professional look. There are web design software packages but these are quite expensive and take a long time to master.

Can you design a website for me?

art4arts8 can design information and brochure-style websites that are suitable for small businesses, groups or individuals. Websites that require log-in facilities with secure databases are not available at art4arts8.

What should be on my website?

An information website for a hotel, small business, medical practice, school, and so on should at least have the following information:

Business name and logo.

Contact information including telephone, fax and email.

Opening hours, if appropriate.

Description of your business and activity.

A summary of your services or products.

What do I need to do?

As mentioned on the introduction page, you need to:

Have a clear idea what you want your website for.

Have an idea what you want it to look like.

Have an extant domain name.

Have a web host with File Transfer Protocol, or FTP access.

Supply all text content and images to your web designer.

I need a shopping cart, can art4arts8 help?

Unless you have a Paypal account, art4arts8 cannot provide an e-commerce facility on your website.

How much will it cost?

The answer is ‘it depends’ because the price will depend upon how complex you want your website, the number of pages and so on. For further information, please use the enquiry link to the right.

What are my options?

There are many web design companies so feel free to browse around the internet for the designer that suits you and your business. Having recently browsed 'the competition' it was surprising to find that a lot of web designers had dreadful websites! You probably heard of art4arts8 through word of mouth and what we offer is a personal service with sound advice and recommendations for your website.

What about website maintenance?

art4arts8 can maintain your website for you. This service attracts an hourly rate of £20 per hour.


art4arts8 refuses to construct websites that are judged to be unfit due to content. Such websites would be of an adult nature or promote hatred towards individuals or groups on ethnic, religous, or sexual orientation grounds.