Web Design is Art

The key to web design is to make websites look attractive and easy to use. A combination of complimentary or contrasting colours, white space, fonts, images, navigation aids and the right layout all contribute to a professional-looking website.


freelance web design for small businesses, firefox logoThere are 2 main browsers in use, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has now overtaken Internet Explorer as the most popular, attracting over 46 per cent of users compared to 43.* Websites designed by art4arts8 are compatible with both browsers and there are subtle differences how each browser reads the web site code.   *W3School Figures

Web Code

freelance web design for small businesses, html codeart4arts8 websites are written with Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) code. Instead of using web design programs such as Dreamweaver, your website will be written from scratch using a small text program called Notepad2. This allows art4arts8 a broad understanding of CSS and HTML coding and ensures that your website will meet international standards laid down by the www Consortium.


Again, art4arts8 deals with web design only, we do not write content. You must supply the textual content and images that you want on your website.


freelance web design for small businesses, ethicsart4arts8 refuses to construct websites that are judged to be unfit due to content. Such websites would be of an adult nature or promote hatred towards individuals or groups on ethnic, religous, or sexual orientation grounds.